2018 Franchy's Beautiful Self-Realization

Hello, my Lovelies!

It's me Franchy living the dream. I now am working from home full-time and am currently loving it. I'm so proud that I can now pay my bills with my online jobs. No, it is not always easy like everything else in life it certainly is not Franchy perfect. It is perfectly imperfect and I love it. I have made the decision to work for myself as a contractor and manage Frans Online Business INC fulltime. I realize that I never want to work for another company making them rich while wasting my God-given talent.

This self-realization has taking many years to form. I had to fail many times and gotten back up. You live and you learn which enables you to make better decisions. It also forces you to look at yourself critically and to be honest with yourself which is not always easy. Nonetheless, it is the key to having a successful business. The reason that I'm evaluating my business which is my life is because it is almost the end of 2018, 2019 is just around the corner. I really want to take my businesses to new heights. Therefore I'm proposing to you all from this day forward I will work hard on my blogs to give you the best content possible. I really want to help you all to also live your best life.

Many people are becoming homeless each day and I want to do my part and help. I really believe that Frans Online Business INC can help you earn your life and perhaps help you keep from being homeless. If you are homeless I would like to help too. Right now Frans Online Business INC is only online but in the future, I want to give my business a home and perhaps help homelessness. I'm not in any way delusional in thinking that I can stop homeless alone. We all would have to work together and help one another. I would like to think that here at MyEarningLife2gog82 that we are a family that cares and want to help one another. I truly hope that my blog is making a difference in your life. If ever you have a suggestion feel free to comment below and let us know what is going on in your beautiful mind. As we head to 2019 I wanna say thank you for being part of my online family. I love you all, bye. 

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